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FTD CD's/Books/Vinyl

What is the Follow That Dream Elvis Collector's Label?
1/20/2006 To explain what the Follow That Dream collector's label is, following is an updated adaptation of the original 1999 announcement from the record company to introduce the label:

To serve the dedicated Elvis collector, Sony BMG created an officially endorsed collectors label. Repertoire is issued on behalf of Sony BMG by Follow That Dream Records (FTD).

Its mandate is to complement the commercial and artistic level of RCA's retail release schedule by issuing repertoire that is considered of interest to serious Elvis fans and collectors, material that is generally not part of mainstream RCA label releases to the public at large. This special material is being marketed directly to fans and collectors through fan clubs, specialist magazines, specialist retailers and dedicated mail order companies.

This goals of the Follow That Dream label are:

  1. To make artistically and historically important material available for the dedicated collector. This will allow Sony BMG's main retail focus to be maintained and ensure that the general public does not confuse Elvis's actual masters for general release with his substantial outtake material and other specialty material.

  2. To create and promote product that satisfies the insatiable appetite of fans for material. It is also appreciated that the extraordinary maintenance of Elvis's dedicated fan base by committed individuals needs commercial support to ensure survival.

  3. To steer fans away from buying illegal (bootleg) product. The volume of unofficial audio product in the marketplace reached a level which Sony BMG and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) could no longer tolerate. Sony BMG and EPE vigorously prosecute any company or individual who violates their copyrights, trademarks and other rights. Bootleg products are seized and all conventions, record fairs, mail order operations and other activities are monitored closely.

The Releases - Content and Schedule

Follow That Dream releases four new titles every year in January, April, July and October. They come in various themes. For instance, a particular FTD CD might contain a collection of multiple takes from a studio session (much of it previously unreleased), previously unreleased concert recordings, or concert "soundboard" (informal) recordings.

Additionally, there are re-releases of albums that were once available in the mainstream, but have been deleted from Sony BMG's active mainstream Elvis catalogue. There are 4 to 6 releases of this type each year in FTD's Elvis movie soundtrack re-releases and in their Classic Albums series. Typically, these reissued albums have content in addition to what was on the original albums.

Also, FTD releases special book/CD combos from time to time.

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